Sera Wild Coffee

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  • $14.0

    Dark Roast (Roasting Temp: 230°C)

    This bold mysterious Dark Roast masterpiece carries the essence of Mount Elgon’s lush volcanic soils with each sip taking you for an adventure in the hidden forests, surrounded by whispers of smoky intrigue and dark cocoa hence revealing the secrets of roasted nuts and bittersweet chocolate.


  • $14.0

    The Light Roast is a tribute to the enchanting pristine micro-climate and volcanic soils of the slopes of Mount Elgon with every sip you will discover the elegance of apricot, the gentle embrace of tea-like acidity, and a clean, crisp farewell which gives you the whisper of nature’s bounty.

  • $14.0

    Our Medium Roast is a true revelation of the serene micro-climate of Mount Elgon’s foothills capturing the essence of this verdant paradise releasing fragrant notes of earthiness and delicate blooms with each sip embarking you on a journey through the rolling hills and wildflowers, with honeyed sweetness, hints of citrus, and a gentle nutty finish.

  • $14.0

    Our cherished Signature Roast is the epitome of artisanal perfection enchanted by
    the seductive aromas of ripe red cherries and a hint of dark chocolate. With each
    sip of the fruitiness of red grapes, you will enjoy a rare symphony of flavors, it’s
    our love letter to coffee enthusiasts which is as precious as the memories of a
    cherished moment.