Our Story

As a young and dedicated missionary teacher, Bisagati settles into his new life at the foothills of Mt. Elgon, driven by a passion to make a difference in this small town nestled in eastern Uganda’s rolling hills. His pregnant wife, Mary, supports him every step of the way, juggling her own duties as a medical physician in traditional times.

Bisagati meets his brother-in-law, Masaba, a charismatic farmer, at the bustling coffee market. Together, they argue with market officials about unfair practices that exploit local growers. Over steaming cups of coffee, they discuss alternative solutions like cooperative farming and fair-trade practices. Bisagati invites Masaba to visit his home to check on his expecting sister, which Masaba agrees to.

Despite struggling with malaria, Masaba insists on joining Bisagati on a treacherous journey through thick forests for weeks, seeking new markets in Kenya. Mary disagrees with this plan, fearing the risk of losing her love and brother. As they navigate treacherous terrain, Bisagati feels a sense of foreboding. Suddenly, wild animals drag Masaba away, leaving Bisagati and some members shattered.

Overcome with grief and guilt, Bisagati returns home to Mary, his heart heavy with sorrow. Initially, Mary is upset with